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Beam 300A Serenity Central Vacuum Cleaner


Beam 300A Serenity Central Vacuum Cleaner


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Beam 300A Serenity Central Vacuum Cleaner

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When you need a compact central vacuum the Beam 300A is the perfect choice.  Because of its size it is the best central vacuum to fit in a small area such as a crawl space or closet.  The Beam 300A canister is a bag only machine meaning that it must have the disposable Beam vacuum bags set in place to collect the dirt and debris.  Most users prefer a disposable vacuum bag when the built in vacuum has to be installed in a closet or crawl space.  This makes emptying the vacuum more sanitary and easier to do.

Like all Beam Central Vacuum Power Units this model carries a lifetime warranty on its permanent filter.  Yes, no more replacing or having to clean dirty vacuum filters.  This is only possible because of the Gore Technologies™ HEPA CleanStream™ filter.  From the developers of Gore Tex™, this filter is designed maintain proper airflow throughout its lifetime.  For convenience, there is a utility inlet built right in to the front of the canister.  This makes it easy to plug right into the can for cleaning out the car or truck if the vacuum is installed in the garage. 

With a 550 air watt motor you can easily install this into a home up to 3500 square feet in size.  A 550 air watt motor may be installed in larger homes but the suction is then compromised and the end result may be disappointing.  For this reason we have come up with this ratio so you can expect great suction on both bare floor and carpet.  For homes greater than 2000 square feet we strongly consider moving up to the 600 air watt motor found in some of our other models.  All Beam Classic and Serenity models have soft start motors which helps prevent premature wear as they start with ease.

The Beam Serenity power units are designed to run much quieter with its Quiet Pak™ sound insulation system.  A Sound-Off Muffler™ is mounted to the exhaust to silence the air turbulence coming out of the machine which drastically reduces excessive noise.  Also, surrounding the motor is a sound insulation wrap and carbon filter for better air quality around the unit.

Key Features:

  • 550 air watt 14 amp motor.
  • 5.7" dual suction fan motor for better airflow.
  • Soft start motor for increased life.
  • Sound level 69.1 dBA
  • Gore Technologies™ HEPA CleanStream™ self cleaning filter
  • 6' power cord.
  • 14 litre disposable cloth bag.
  • Utility inlet on front of unit.
  • 10 year motor and electronics warranty.
  • Lifetime warranty on non electrical parts including filter.
  • 1 year labour warranty.

Supplied Accessories:

  • Sound-Off Muffler™
  • Mounting bracket.
  • 2 bags included.
  • Installation materials are extra.

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