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Beam Alliance Air Kit Central Vacuum Attachment Package


Beam Alliance Air Kit Central Vacuum Attachment Package


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You now have suction control at your fingertips with the Beam Alliance Hose Packages.  Not only are you able to turn on the vacuum but you can increase or decrease the suction levels depending on your cleaning needs. Also included is a 13" bare floor brush that is made of soft natural hair along with rubber side wheels.  This is to prevent scratching even the most delicate hardwood and to increase durability.  Being one of the widest floor brushes on the market, you can be sure that it will clean your floors quicker.

For above floor cleaning you will receive the convenient 3 in 1 tool that transforms from a dust brush to an upholstery tool and to a crevice tool.  This feature is great for cleaning on the go where you don't always room to carry a bunch of tools or have time to stop to go find the right attachment for the job at hand.

Key Features:

  • 30' or 35' electrified hose with 2 way switch for activating the vacuum.
  • Hose is light weight and crush proof.
  • Ideal for homes with bare floor.
  • 13" bare floor brush made of natural hair and rubber side wheels to prevent scratching even the most delicate hardwood.
  • LED lighted power nozzle.
  • 3 year warranty.

Supplied Accessories:

  • 13" wide floor brush.
  • Multi tool converts - dust brush / crevice tool / upholstery tool.
  • Durable 30' crush proof hose.
  • Telescopic metal wand.
  • Standard size attachment adaptor.
  • Tool caddy.
  • Hose hanger.


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