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Miele Triflex HX2 Cat and Dog Cordless Stick Vacuum


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Miele Triflex HX2 Cat & Dog Cordless Vacuum

The Miele HX2 Triflex Cat & Dog cordless 3 in 1 vacuum is incredibly versatile and easy to use, making it a popular choice here in Canada. The most exciting feature of this line is its 3-in-1 versatility, which gives users complete control of how they use the product. The first way to use the Triflex is as a standard handheld vacuum for above-floor cleaning. This is the most basic option, but it's still incredibly efficient at getting the job done. The second way to use the Triflex is by connecting the unit to the wand at the base for a longer reach under low furniture. This is a great way to get into those hard-to-reach places and make sure you don't miss a spot. The third and most popular way to use the Triflex is with the unit connected to the electrobrush and wand. This allows you to get a deep clean into carpets and other surfaces, giving you an extra layer of protection.

No matter how you choose to use it, the Miele HX2 Triflex line of cordless vacuums offer a great range of options and the versatility to get the job done right. With its 3-in-1 versatility, users are in complete control of their cleaning experience.

Thanks to the newly redesigned Miele Triflex ComfortClean filtration, shaking off the fine dust particles from the filter is now a breeze, allowing for restored airflow. This results in the fine dust dropping into the pre-filter container. The Miele Triflex lid's overall design features new symbols and graphics, making it more apparent how to empty the dust container and remove the filter and internal components. Activating ComfortClean is as simple as turning the filter lid three times counterclockwise by 180° manually. With regular use of the Miele HX2, the pre-filter container only requires cleaning once every three months, which can be easily done by removing the fine dust container from the machine.

The Miele Triflex HX2 Cat and Dog is ideal for pet owners or anyone needing the handheld power brush. Made in Germany for homes that need deep cleaning in an instant with the flexibility for above floor cleaning and reaching those hard to get to areas. The 11 inch wide electrobrush is engineered to clean both bare floors and carpet quicker than traditional heads. This reduces the number of strokes it takes to clean the area. This brush is designed for quick yet gentle cleaning so this is best suited for medium to low pile carpeting.

The cordless power comes from a lithium ion battery and Vortex mono cyclone technology. Easily clean all surfaces of your home with up to 60 minutes of run time and 3 power levels. The battery can disconnect allowing you to swap out with a second and place it on charge instead of the entire vacuum. 

The redesigned Miele Digital Efficiency Motor achieves an increase in performance by 60%, boosting suction and cleaning performance, exclusively in the Miele HX2. With this new motor, no mechanical friction occurs and as a result, there is no abrasion at all slowing it down and reducing the lifespan. The power level of the motor and the power nozzle are also part of the Automatic Power Adjustment function that modifies suction based on the flooring making this one of the best vacuums to clean both bare floor and carpet without the need to switch attachments. 

All Triflex models come with a wall mount, crevice tool, upholstery tool and soft dusting brush. These attachments can connect to either the vacuum or the extension wand for detail cleaning. 

Protected by a 5 year warranty with 7 years on the motor and 2 years on the battery. This Miele warranty is valid across Canada from any authorized Miele service centre. 

Key Features:

  • Made in Germany
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • 3 configurations
  • Up to 60 minute run time
  • Bagless Vortex Mono Cyclone Technology
  • Lifetime filter
  • Extra wide 11" floor nozzle
  • LED light for maximum visibility
  • 5 year warranty.
  • 7 year motor warranty
  • 2 year battery warranty
  • The weight of the vacuum is only 8 lbs.

Supplied Accessories:

  • Handheld motorized power nozzle
  • Wall mount
  • Dusting brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Upholstery tool 

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