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Simply spray PROXI on the stain and walk away.

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Simply spray PROXI on the stain and walk away.


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PROXI is an easy-to-use spot remover that gets rid of most difficult organic stains, both new and old. Blood, juice, red wine, pet stains, and more don't stand a chance against this professional-strength spot remover. Even some non-organic stains can't resist PROXI's power.


The hydrogen-peroxide-based formula will get rid of both stains and odors and then naturally degrade into oxygen and water. This environmentally friendly cleaning product contains no VOCs and no bleach. It requires no rinsing, no agitation, and no extraction.


Use PROXI on all wet-cleanable carpets, furniture, drapery, mattresses, clothing, and even automotive interiors.



    1. Remove all loose soil from the area to be cleaned. Spray generously about 12 inches from the stained area.
    2. DO NOT SCRUB OR BLOT THE TREATED STAIN. Just spray and walk away.
    3. Allow area to dry. PROXI will gradually break down and remove the stain and remain active up to 3 days. Additional treatments of PROXI Spray may be necessary in cases of severe staining.
    4. On deep pile carpets, work PROXI into the pile lightly with a clean rag or light brush. Do not scrub or blot.

Note: Not for use on wool or materials damaged by water. Test colorfasteness prior to use.

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